SPARK Party!

Thank you so much for SPARKing with your Women’s Fund!

You are now connected to others in our region passionate about joining the movement for gender equity.

Get ready for a good time! It is our goal that at the end of this weekend you will find your place in the movement, which means:

1. Investing in your Women’s Fund.

2. Signing up for our Appointed Program

3. Registering to view our Employer Toolkit

4. Learning and Sharing Information

5. Advocating to your local, state or federal elected officials.

We have curated an inspiring program! Our keynote speaker is Elizabeth Barajas-Román, President & CEO, Women's Funding Network. Be on the lookout for special performances from Heroes Rise, Cincinnati’s own Rhine Stones Synchronized Swim Team, and Dancefix!

Our Sponsors SPARK!

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Invest in Your Women's Fund

We deeply appreciate the support of gifts of all sizes and every dollar is put to work creating the lasting change we want to see for women in our region. Below are some suggested giving amounts:

$365 – I have a dollar-a-day to give to women’s economic self-sufficiency.

$250 – An homage to our previous host/hostess level.

$150 – I’m tripling up on my support.

Together we can continue to make a system that is just, equitable and supportive for women!


Appointed is a non-partisan initiative that identifies opportunities for women to serve on civic boards and commissions. We provide support and training opportunities and are a resource available to connect elected officials to interested board candidates.

Employer Toolkit

Created through extensive research, the Employer Toolkit is a collection of nearly 60 workplace policies that can help support, stabilize, and retain lower-wage employees. The new website includes:

· a dynamic search feature,

· a resource center,

· additional information on gender-based violence & second chance hiring in the workplace.

Learn & Share

We are the region’s expert on the status of women’s economic self-sufficiency. To speed the pace of change for gender equity, we need have a deep understanding of the data and illuminate the obstacles and opportunities through research. Our research informs and drives systemic policy change for women in our region and helps elected officials design legislation that effectively addresses issues of employment, living wage, child care, and education and training for working women. Our work is non-partisan and grounded in evidence and data.

We believe equitable policies build equitable communities.

Stay Connected to the Women's Fund

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Anyone interested in spending time bringing their talents and skills to the Women's Fund!

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